Fair Trade


We are a fair trade, ethical manufacturer based in Jaipur, India and are members of the Fair Trade Federation in the US and the World Fair trade Organization (member number 1047). We are dedicated to manufacturing high quality clothing and homewares based on a business philosophy that puts the human factor first. 


All of our garments are made in-house using sweatshop-free, fair labour standards which means:

  • no discrimination
  • no forced labour
  • payment of a living wage, all staff are full-time salaried employees
  • on time payments to staff and suppliers
  • clean and safe working conditions
  • no excessive working hours
  • no forced overtime
  • no child labour 
  • pension funds for all staff
  • working in a supportive, transparent way throughout the supply chain. 

For full details regarding our manufacturing and services, please visit our main website at: https://meherashaw.com/pages/manufacture